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CANADA WIDE SHIPPING FLAT RATE: Our fellow Canadian peeps are offered a shipping flat rate of $12.00 and $0.50 surcharge for each item. Provincial taxes apply.

USA & INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING FLAT RATE: Our American neighbours and international friends are offered a shipping flat rate of $18.00 and $0.50 surcharge for each item. 

Please be advised that the delivery date is a combination of shipping delivery standards and the retailer' "fulfillment time". The total shipping cost is the calculated shipping rate to the desired location and the retailer' handling costs.

Please note that the delivery dates for shipments to the USA and internationally can be delayed due to customs regulations. It is difficult to predict an exact international delivery time due to customs regulations and delays in the individual countries. 

EARNED Company is not responsible for any lost or damaged goods once shipped to customer.

NO REFUNDS & NO RETURNS - Please note that all purchases are final sale, see policy details at checkout. Thank you for your understanding.

EARNED Company does not participate in any athlete sponsorships/endorsements or ambassador programs. Thank you.